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The Ultimate Guide to Hiking the Triund Trek

Triund is one of those places that can never lose its essence despite the season. It will remain as beautiful in summers as in winters! This is due to several elements that come into play. The first and the foremost is that one can see the entire Kangra Valley at one side and on another, a clear view of mighty Dhauladhar Range is also visible.

Below, I am providing a complete guide for Triund trek, including cost, itinerary, where to stay and how to reach.


Triund lies in Dharamkot at a height of 2,850 meters. It is considered one of the crowns of Dharamshala. Tourists usually start the trekking from McLeod region from where you have to trek for about 8 KMs. Triund Hilltop is one of those places from where you can see Kangra Valley as well as Dhauladhar range. It is one of the crown possessions of Dharamshala. 

Triund Kangra Valley - Sunset
Triund Kangra Valley – Sunset

How to Reach

 To reach Triund, you first need to reach McLeod or Dharamshala first. McLeod will be a better option since Triund trek is closer to McLeod. You can reach McLeod by taking an overnight bus from Delhi that takes about 8-9 hours to reach to McLeod.

From McLeod, you then have to reach Galu which you can do so either by taking a cab or start trekking from McLeod itself. The cab goes through very rugged and bumpy road! And if you are opting for a trek then there is a byway that goes through the forest area. Hiking all the way up from McLeod is a feasible option but if you think you are not capable to do it then taking a cab would be a good option.

By Air

The nearest airport to Triund is Dharamshala. You can take a flight from Delhi or there will be connecting flights otherwise from other states.

By Road


Another option to reach McLeod is to take an overnight bus to Dharamshala or McLeod from Delhi. If you are planning to reach Dharamshala, you can then take a cab from Dharamshala to McLeod which is just half an hour away.


The nearest railway station to Triund is Pathankot. From Pathankot then you have to take a bus to Dharamshala or McLeod which is 2 to 3 hours away.


Sunset in McLeod
Sunset in McLeod

Triund Itinerary 

Below I am giving a step-by-step guide to Triund, starting from McLeod –

Day 1 – Explore McLeod

Before heading to Triund, I would ask you to first explore McLeod. There are many places to see and live in McLeod. The first and the foremost one is Bhagsu Waterfalls. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls and during the sunset time the entire area looks divine. You can also move up to see Shiva Café. Many youngsters go to this point and have Maggie while watching the valley below. It is a beautiful experience.

At night time, you can also explore the market of McLeod. There are several food corners that you can try out. Plus, shopping for winter clothes for the Triund trek can also be done from here. 

Day 2 – McLeod (1,785 meters) to Triund (2,875 meters)

Take a cab from McLeod to Triund’s start point – Galu Devi temple. The trek starts from Galu Devi where you would have to register your names before commencing the trek, with the officer.

The initial part of the trek is fairly simple, with moderate ascends and steep rocks. In between, several eating points along with viewpoints will also come. Some of the famous ones are – Best View Cafe and Magic View Café. The views are amazing from here. Stop at these points for a while to enjoy the valley along with a cup of tea and Maggie.

You will reach the Triund Hill by afternoon. You can either set up your own camps or hunt for one once you reach on the top. Generally, you will get camps easily once you reach the top, however, if you are visiting the place during the peak season it is better to book for your camps from McLeod itself.

Soak in the view. You can also have food on the top of the hill as there are food joints and do come out of your camps during the sunset after taking proper rest. When the sun reflects behind the white mountains of Dhauladhar Ranges and the red hues on top of Kangra Valley are worth all the pain while on the trek.

Retire to bed after dinner and also see the sky before retiring. If you are lucky, you will be able to spot the milky way.

Day 3 – Triund to McLeod

Coming down the hill is easy. Just be careful and balance yourself properly to avoid from falling down. It will be better if you start the descend early in the morning itself to reach back to McLeod bus stand in time. You can also reach Chandigarh on this day instead of Delhi as the frequency of buses leaving for Chandigarh is more than that for Delhi.

Shiva Cafe
Shiva Cafe

Network and Amenities

Once you reach the Triund hill, getting a network is difficult. So it is better to inform your family and loved ones in McLeod itself before commencing on the trek.

Also, on top of the Triund hill, you will be able to find camps and food stalls that serve rice, Maggie and water bottles, along with chocolates. Although, it is better to carry some snacks along with you since the quantity with them is limited and gets exhausted by the end of the night.


Triund Difficulty

Triund is a moderate trek. You don’t need a guide for this trek. The pathways are clearly defined and demarcated. Further, there are many trekkers commencing to the top and you will not find yourself alone on the trail, or lost!


Accommodation in Triund 


In McLeod, you will be able to find many hotels from cheap to luxury depending on the type of place you prefer. McLeod is a very touristy place and you don’t have to worry about the accommodation. There are hostels too in McLeod if you are travelling on a budget. One of the most prominent ones is HostelLavie that also serve breakfast along with a bunk bed.


On top of Triund hill, you will easily find camps that are already set up by the locals. If you want, you can bring your own tents, or take it on rent from McLeod. Although, getting a tent on top of the hill is not difficult, however, it is better to book it in advance during the peak season.


Triund Camping Ground
Triund Camping Ground

Typical Cost 

Travel Cost

The major travel cost would be the bus cost that you would have to pay from Delhi to McLeod and back. depending on the type of bus you opt for, the price can vary between INR 600 to INR 1,300. The areas that need to be explored in McLeod are at a walking distance.

However, if you want to come to McLeod by your own vehicle or in a private car then the cost of the vehicle would increase to INR 10,000.


The food in McLeod is cheap and budget friendly. You will easily get a meal for INR 150 and the total cost of food would not go above INR 500 to INR 1,000 per day.


In McLeod, you can easily find a room for INR 800 to INR 1,000. Depending on the type of luxury you want to stay in, there are several options available in McLeod. In fact, if you are low on budget, you can stay in a hostel as well, that charges INR 250 to INR 400 per bed.   I would highly recommend staying in Bhagsu as it has many options of stay, from affordable lodges to expensive rooms you can find it all.

Ending Note

Triund is a must go place, especially if you are looking for a short duration trip to the mountains. I would highly recommend the trek, also because the difficulty of the trek is moderate giving you the best of views for such an easy hike.

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